Purple Cow Float

vegan purple cow float (refined sugar-free and dairy-free)

This vegan and lightened up version of a purple cow ice cream float is just the thing to make on a sweltering summer day. Light, fruity, refreshing, sweet, and full of deliciously frothy bubbles. Love.

purple cow ice cream float -- vegan with banana ice cream

I say "lightened up" because I used banana ice cream (aka "nana ice cream") here instead of a more classic vanilla ice cream that's typical in a purple cow float. In the past floats are something I usually avoided making, because that meant making ice cream first and waiting for it to be ready -- a lengthy process when you just want a cool treat right there and then, isn't it? Lately I got on a kick of making floats with banana ice cream and I just love it. Blend, scoop, pour, stir, enjoy. Couldn't be simpler!

Although of course, you can always go with a vegan vanilla ice cream of your choice if you're a stickler for classics :)

dairy-free purple cow ice cream float

In case you think the grape ice cream float is random (for me it actually totally is, since I'm more of a root beer or chocolate float girl), I was given some tasty concord grape juice by my mother-in-law the other day and couldn't have thought of a better use for it than this. I thought to play up the flavor of the grape in this a little though, so added a hint of rose water and it was lovely.

purple cow ice cream float

P.S. I didn't have any whipped cream on hand (or anything to make it with) this time around to top my float, though frankly I liked this lighter version without it all the same. But if you wanted to go classic all the way, you can use the easy whip cream from this recipe.

vegan purple cow ice cream float recipe


Purple Cow Float

  • Author: Audrey @ Unconventional Baker
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving
  • Category: ice cream
  • Method: raw
  • Cuisine: dessert


This purple cow ice cream float is a light and refreshing classic treat turned vegan and refined sugar-free, and with the addition of a hint of rose water to play up that grape flavor.


Ice Cream:

Float Assembly:

  • just over ½ cup concord grape juice
  • 1 tbsp dark maple syrup
  • optional: ¼ teaspoon rose water** (or more to taste)
  • just over ½ cup sparkling water (like Perrier, etc.)


  1. To make the banana ice cream, process all ingredients in a food processor until smooth and ice-cream like (don't over-blend, as it can warm up and turn into a smoothie instead -- you want it to be cold and firm, like ice cream).
  2. Place ice cream in a tall glass, add all remaining ingredients in the order listed. Stir and enjoy with a wide straw and / or a spoon. (Serve immediately).


*Alternatively can just use a vegan vanilla ice cream of your choice. Can use this recipe if you're looking for a recipe to make yourself.

**The rose water should only have two ingredients: water and rose petals. Do not use rose water mixtures that include essential oils or any other ingredients for this recipe.

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