Vegan Summer Pops

Sharing another summer vibes recipe collection: popsicles -- AKA one of the easiest summer treats to throw together, and one of my favorites due to the endless flavor combinations. They also happen to be totally (and undeservedly!) underrated in the desserts category in my opinion -- something I'm hoping these recipes will change your mind on!

Below you'll find a collection of some of my favorite recipes for pops: some light, some creamy and indulgent, some simple, some fancy. A bit of everything, and hopefully something for everyone.

If something grabs your eye, click on the recipe title below to take you to the recipe.

1. Blueberry Tahini Pops

Starting with the best and brightest :) these light, creamy, fruity pops with their bright and beautiful color are a perfect pick me up treat.

Blueberry Tahini Pops (Dairy-Free, Fruit-Sweetened, Nut-Free)


2. Mint Chip Pops

And to carry on with bright popping colors here, these creamy minty pops with a light chocolatey crunch are an equally swoon worthy choice on a hot day.

mint chip ice cream pops (vegan, gluten-free)

3. Lavender Earl Grey Pops

And for a touch of something lighter and slightly more "fancy" in the flavors department, lavender and earl grey tea are a worthy choice.

Lavender Earl Grey Pops

4. Pistachio Coconut Ice Cream Pops

And of course, anything with pistachios is always a good way to go -- especially when we're talking creamy dreamy ice cream packaged into convenient pop sized goodness.

pistachio coconut ice cream

5. Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

Perhaps the king of all "wholesome" pops are frozen banana pops. These are always a popular choice due to their simplicity and the fun of decking them out just the way you like them. Plus it's hard to go wrong with bananas + chocolate as a combo.

Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas (Vegan)

6. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream Pops

And speaking of bananas + chocolate, adding some peanut butter to the mix does wonders in these ice cream pops. Creamy, rich, and so delicious.

chocolate banana peanut butter ice cream -- vegan

7. Coconut Cardamom Pops

For something a touch different, this flavor combo is certainly worth trying out! I always feel like cardamom doesn't get enough attention in desserts, so I made it the star of the show in this treat.

Coconut Cardamom Pops (Raw, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free)

8. Pecan Butter Ice Cream Pops

Another ingredient that doesn't seem to get enough attention (though it's more than worthy of it!) is pecan butter, and in these pops it makes for an amazingly indulgent frozen treat.

vegan pecan butter pops

9. Chocolate Hazelnut Pops

For a touch of something lighter, give these a try. The hazelnut butter + chocolate really play each other up in these simple, yet richly flavored pops.

chocolate hazelnut pops

10. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry "Yogurt" Pops

These are one of the oldest recipes on this website, but the flavor of these pops will pleasantly surprise you. Refreshing, indulgent, and quite unique. And I most certainly enocurage you to take the extra step to make these with the balsamic roasted strawberries -- it'll be a real treat!

Chocolate Dipped Vegan Strawberry Yogurt Pops {Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo, Refined Sugar-Free, Raw}


I hope you find something that inspires you in this short list of vegan pops recipes.

P.S. If you're looking for some ice cream inspiration instead, check out my easy & wholesome vegan ice cream recipe collection as well.

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