Heiya! So glad you stumbled upon this site. If it’s your first time here, below are a few quick pointers to help you find your way around.

What kinds of recipes you’ll find here

unconventional-baker-desserts-dairy-free-gluten-freeUnconventional Baker is a dedicated space for all things sweet and wholesome. All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, eggless, and refined sugar-free by default. And there’s a huge selection of recipes that are also free from many of the most common allergens that people stumble upon in alternative desserts.

Unconventional Baker is also big on all things raw (or close to it), recipes that are full of flavor yet super simple and non-fussy to make, frequently with a minimal list of ingredients.

How to find the perfect recipe

Have a sensitivity to nuts? Feel like something fruity? There’s a recipe for that!

The way you find it is by going to the recipes page and selecting all the buttons you need to get recipes tailored to your preferences. So if you choose cake, fruity, and nut-free, it will automatically filter the recipes to find nut-free cakes that are fruity.

Some tools and equipment I recommend

I’m a huge proponent of minimal but high quality tools, for example a good blender, a food processor, good measuring cups and spoons, and some springform pans.

Beyond that there are other tools if you want to get fancy, for instance pretty chocolate molds or cookie cutters in adorable shapes, but that kind of stuff is optional.

The core essentials are the appliances mentioned above, and you’ll find those used for most of the recipes. If you want to know more specific product recommendations and what equipment I use, see the baking resources page.

Ready to dive in?

Yay! I’ve got a few suggestions for you. Let’s go for a quick blog tour, shall we? ?

To go further

Beyond that, if you want more guidance or directions, you may find my book, Unconventional Treats helpful. It’s not mandatory, but it goes over all aspects of alternative dessert prep in great detail, with videos.

For bloggers

If you’re a blogger interested in how I run this blog, see the blogging resources page for various tips about the tools I use and recommend.