7 Plum Recipes to Spice Up Autumn

Entering plum season, here's a small, yet wonderfully flavorful and diverse collection of treats that celebrate this lovely fruit. All vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free (as always!).

Click on the "get the recipe" button in each section to take you to the full recipe for each dessert.

As always, I hope you find some inspiration in these recipe ideas and find something delicious to treat yourself and loved ones with.

Happy Baking!

Plum Crostata (Free From: gluten, dairy, eggs, added oils, refined sugar)

Plum Crostata

Starting off with with perhaps my favorite plum dessert ever: crostata -- where juicy baked plums meet a delicious cookie-like tart crust. Serve with some vanilla ice cream and you're in for a real treat!

Unconventional Plum Clafoutis {Free from: dairy, eggs, gluten, oils, and refined sugars}

Plum Clafoutis

Another not to be missed classic dessert in my books is clafoutis: a souffle / pudding type dessert with spiced plums stewed in their own juices. Delicious!

Balsamic Plum Ice Cream (No Churn, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free)

Balsamic Plum Ice Cream

For something a little different, this plum-filled ice cream is a real winner too. A creamy, no-churn fruity vegan ice cream — perfectly tangy, sweet, and refreshing.

Super Simple Balsamic Plum Oat Crumble (Free From: gluten, dairy, eggs, oils, nuts, and refined sugar. Grain/oat-free option)

Balsamic Plum Oat Crumble

While we're on a 'balsamic plum' note, try this super simple autumnal, juicy plum crumble if you're feeling like something that packs a lot of flavor with minimal effort.

homemade spiced plum jam

Spiced Plum Jam

If you want something simple or more of a staple (or something that makes a lovely homemade gift!), try this delicious refined sugar-free plum jam, spruced up with a hint of warming spices.

Mirabelle Plum Jam

If you're lucky enough to find yourself in possession of some mirabelle plums, try this jam alternative instead. This recipe makes deliciously sweet and tart orange and mirabelle plum jam, with a beautiful golden color.

Spiced Chocolate Plum Smoothie {raw, dairy-free, refined sugar-free}

Spiced Chocolate Plum Smoothie

Last but not least, if you find yourself with some very sweet, juicy, and almost over-ripe plums, this smoothie is a great way to use them up in something quick, simple, and delicious.

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