Cinnamon Carob Marble Fudge Protein-Packed Cake

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A fudgey, protein packed vegan cake accented with spiced cinnamon.



Base Filling:

Additional Carob Filling:

Optional Toppings:

  • cacao nibs, shaved chocolate, hemp seeds, ½ tbsp extra carob powder to form the balls (if making). Other ideas: chopped nuts, extra molasses for drizzling (delicious!)


  1. Process cashews, dates, and coconut oil into a crumble in a food processor. Add agave and pulse to combine. Optional: if making decorative balls for topping, leave behind about 2 tbsp of the crumble in the processor. Transfer the remaining mixture into a 5" springform pan (or a lined dish of a similar size), and press down to shape into a crust. Place the pan in the freezer while working on the next step.
  2. Blend all base filling ingredients into a smooth mixture in a high-power blender. Remove half the mixture and set aside. Add all the additional carob filling ingredients and blend once again into a smooth uniform mixture.
  3. Remove the pan out of the freezer. Pour the carob mixture into the pan, trying to keep it all to one side as much as possible (don't worry if it's not perfect, just keep pushing it to stay more or less on just one half of the pan with a spoon). Pour the base mixture you've previously set aside onto the other side. Tap the pan on the counter to smooth out the two fillings and get rid of any air bubbles. Then use a skewer to swirl the two mixtures together and mix them up to your liking in the pan.
  4. Decorate with any toppings you're using. If you wanted to make the little decorative balls for this, just mix the crust mixture you left behind with ½ tbsp carob powder by hand and knead into three little balls to top the cake with.
  5. Pop the cake into the freezer for 6 hours (or overnight) to chill and set. Enjoy! Keep leftovers frozen. Thaw out on the counter for about 10-20 minutes at room temp for a softer & fudgier version, or enjoy straight out of the freezer for an ice-cream cake-like treat.