The Ultimate Resource for Crafting Easy, Gorgeous Desserts

INCLUDING all the little tricks you need to go from average desserts to awesome


Cut out the alternative dessert learning curve

How fun would it be to share a dairy-free holiday cheesecake that everyone thinks came from a boutique patisserie. Or to make gluten-free delicacies without having to worry if they'll fall apart on the way to your friend's house.

In Unconventional Treats I’ll guide you step-by-step through all the tiny details you need to know when first starting to work with unconventional ingredients that will mean the difference between getting endless requests for the recipe or having the leftovers shoved to the back of the fridge.

You'll also learn how to handle ingredient substitutions so that you can cater for your unique dietary restrictions and adapt old favorite recipes to suit what makes your body feel good, now.

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Unconventional treats is MORE THAN JUST RECIPES... it’s a total guide for learning

  • How to make your own nut milk from scratch
  • Getting the best results from nut butter you make in your blender or food processor
  • Where to look for hidden additives in nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
  • How to make nuts and seeds more digestible
  • How to get coconut oil to work for you in recipes
  • How to choose the right coconut product to work with
  • What kitchen equipment will give you the best results
  • How to make working with cacao butter a breeze
  • Whether you should use cocoa and cacao powder in a recipe
  • How to master raw cakes - it's a bit of an art form, and Unconventional Treats will help unlock your inner artist!
  • How to understand the thought process behind alternative dessert craft, so that you can create your own individualized recipes and handle substitutions with ease
  • You also get an illustrated guide to unconventional dessert anatomy

PLUS  once you understand the theory behind unconventional treats, you can develop your new skills by experimenting with over 150 recipes, each with its own full color photo.

Take a Look Inside

Audrey_Unconventional Baker

about the author

So who's behind all this? Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm the recipe developer, food stylist, photographer, and blogger at Unconventional Baker. I love to craft unconventional, allergy-friendly, often raw, and always wholesome treats that support people on alternative diets.

Learn Better By Following Along With Videos

I totally get it, sometimes it's easier to learn by watching. For that reason I've put together 15 video tutorials that cover all kinds of tips and tricks about the basics of unconventional dessert prep. What do they cover? Well, you can take a peek as I demonstrate how to assemble a raw cake from start to finish, how to make different kinds of swirl patterns for cakes, and other decorating and troubleshooting tips, and tons more, including:

  • How to make plant milk
  • Whether to use a food processor or blender to make nut butter
  • DIY nut flour
  • Troubleshooting coconut oil
  • Making your own chocolates
  • Working with cacao butter
  • Making instant jam
  • And much more!


To call this a recipe book would be a complete understatement. Unconventional Treats is a guide to teach you everything you need to know from the basics to the fancy finishes for all things sweet but secretly healthy. As a baker myself, I still picked up on tons of new tips and techniques from Audrey’s thorough instructions and explanations. And the videos are extremely helpful, I couldn’t stop watching. The toughest part is choosing which mesmerizing treat to try first!
Audrey’s Unconventional Treats isn’t your usual cookbook. When you dive into it, you feel like you got thrown in the middle of a luxurious treat making class. Because this book doesn’t only revolve around the recipes (which are seriously mind blowing by the way, I have dreams about that chocolate hemp cake). It’s actually more of a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to adapt and create recipes for scrumptious treats of your own making that will fit just about any diet. Thanks to the videos, it is a very hands on experience and all of the techniques turn out to be easier than they might seem at first. Plus there’s the huge recipe starter package :). So basically, Audrey’s book is a key to hundreds and thousands of recipes of your own making adjusted specifically to your needs and wishes.
Unconventional Treats is a book like no other. As if the stunning pictures and amazing sounding recipes weren't enough, Audrey presents a collection of professional, informative and extremely useful videos on topics from lining your pans to working with coconut oil. Although the pictures look like professional creations, everything in this book is easy enough to follow so that anyone can bring out the fancy chef inside them.
Audrey has really done a fantastic job of covering not only the basics, such as how to work with nuts, but also filling her book with a myriad of delectable treats. One of my favorite parts about this book is that every recipe has a photograph. If you're not familiar with Audrey's work, she has a way of bringing out the dreamy side in every recipe through her stellar photography! From the look of the photographs for each recipe, you'd think her recipes were quite involved, but when you go through her book in detail, you'll realize that each recipe is easy to follow and contains clear and basic instructions. I love her ability to take any ingredient and really transform it into an unique treat! Every recipe of Audrey's that I have tried has become a frequent treat in our house. Once you get your hands on her new book, the only problem you'll have is choosing which recipe you want to try first!
I just bought Unconventional Treats and am IN LOVE! I haven't even gotten to the recipes yet and it's already worth the money! Your pictures are stunning and it's jam packed with so many helpful tips. Wow! Fabulous job, Audrey! What a beauty!

So, what are my options?

I know everyone is different, so I've put together three special packages. Check them out below to find the perfect one for you.

Option 1: The complete book & video guide

A complete tutorial course on crafting simply awesome desserts with unconventional ingredients


The Book

  • 400+ pages
  • 13 how-to chapters
  • 150+ recipes
  • photos of every recipe

Tutorial Videos

15 step-by-step videos covering all practical aspects of alternative dessert prep, plus tons of tips and tricks

Print Friendly Pdf

A black and white version of the book, with all of the large images stripped out so that you can easily print recipes or any part of the book at home

Option 2: The Perfect Gifting Pack

The complete package for yourself plus the complete package to send to a friend for just an extra $30. It's the perfect way to share your love of amazing treats, and just in time for the holidays.


Option 3: The Book

The budget option, with everything you need to know to create amazing desserts delivered in pdf form

The Book

  • 400+ page pdf
  • 13 How-To chapters
  • 150+ recipes with photos

The Complete Book & Videos Package

  • 400+ page pdf
  • 15 tutorial videos
  • Printer friendly version of the pdf

The Gifting Pack

  • Everything included in the Complete Package x2
  • One for you and one gift code to send to a friend (gift code sent within 24 hours)


I don't have a lot of time for complicated recipes, can I still use this?

Yes, there are lots of recipes in the guide that require just a few ingredients and 5 minutes prep time. As you get more experience you'll get faster too, and I share some good time saving tips in the book which will help you as well.

I'm more of a print book person, will the print version be out soon?

I wanted to get Unconventional Treats out to the people who have been requesting a book for a long time, and so the digital version was the fastest way to do this. There will be a print book in the future, but I don't have a date yet, sorry! In the meantime there is a print friendly version of the pdf so that you can take paper with you into the kitchen.

What if I don't like the book once I buy it?

I'm sure you're going to totally love the book, but if you don't get anything out of it I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee, just send me an email letting me know why you aren't happy with it.

What recipes are included in the book?

Check out the table of contents for a list of all the recipes included in Unconventional Treats.

Can I upgrade to a higher package later?

Yes, if you buy just the book and decide you'd like to access the Unconventional Treats video tutorials later, you can upgrade for the difference in the price. Just send me an email.