It’s simple enough once you know the little tricks that make alternative dessert craft a breeze



If you’ve found yourself wondering why your gluten-free cookies fall apart as soon as they come off the cookie sheet or why your last cashew cheesecake came out lumpy... you're not the only one. Alternative dessert craft isn’t one of those things most of us learned growing up...

Getting gorgeous results isn’t hard per se, but it does take time and practice to know how to sidestep some common pitfalls. Which is fine...if you’ve got extra time each day and lots of ingredients just lying around waiting to be used.

If you’re too busy to mess around with that kind of long term experimenting, I hear ya. That’s why I created Unconventional Treats – to remove the guesswork and dramatically speed up the time it takes to get beautiful, delicious alternative desserts.

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Imagine whipping up a dairy-free cheesecake to share and seeing the look on everyone’s faces when you tell them that no, it didn’t come from a fancy patisserie... And yes it’s gluten-free... and no it really doesn’t contain refined sugar...

Or serving a creamy caramel tart and then surprising everyone when you reveal the key ingredient is actually tahini, or swapping out a heavy nut based cheesecake for an ice cream cake based on cauliflower..

People won’t believe what you’ve been able to make without wheat, milk, and white sugar. 

This isn’t just about dessert prep with whole food ingredients, it’s about crafting simple, beautiful food that EVERYONE can enjoy.


In Unconventional Treats I guide you step-by-step through all the tiny (but often overlooked) details you need to know about working with unconventional ingredients. The kind of details that make the difference between having friends say This is sooo delish, you just have to give me the recipe!!”… or having leftovers of that flourless chocolate cake you just served “forgotten” in the back of the fridge.

Once you know what things to watch out for, alternative dessert prep becomes straightforward and easy, and there’s no need to suffer through that awkward time where your creations don’t turn out, and end up in the trash. Instead you can enjoy crafting desserts from quality wholesome ingredients, lap up the compliments, and enjoy the looks of disbelief when you explain it’s vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free!  


You probably have some pretty unique dietary needs to cater for, which is why learning to handle ingredient substitutions is so important. Once you understand the logic behind how unconventional ingredients “work” in a recipe, substitutions become totally accessible. You can unlock new ways to make classic desserts that taste great and work for your body.

So instead of settling at the next family gathering for a sweet treat that will make you feel bad, or doing without dessert altogether, you’ll be able to customize a recipe that works for your individual needs, and those of your friends and family.



Yes, Unconventional Treats contains a ton of recipes that you can use right away, but more than that, it will take you step-by-step and show you:

  • How to unlock your inner artist and master raw cakes
  • How to get coconut oil to work for you, not against you, in recipes
  • How to decide on “cocoa” or “cacao” powder for your recipe
  • What kitchen equipment to use for the best, fastest results
  • How to be sure additives aren’t hiding in your nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
  • How to make working with cacao butter a cinch
  • How to make sure you’re using the correct coconut product for your treat (there are lots!)
  • How to get amazing homemade nut butter results using your blender or food processor
  • How to increase the digestibility of desserts containing nuts and seeds
  • Understanding the thought process behind alternative dessert craft, so that you can create your own individualized recipes and handle substitutions with ease
  • You also get an illustrated guide to unconventional dessert anatomy

PLUS  once you understand the theory behind unconventional treats, you can develop your new skills by experimenting with over 150 recipes, each with its own full color photo.

Take a look inside:

Audrey_Unconventional Baker

about the author

So who's behind all this? Hi, I'm Audrey. I’m the recipe developer and photographer at Unconventional Baker. After dealing with food allergies for years (and struggling to find desserts that would satisfy my sweet tooth and my changing dietary requirements) I got to work experimenting in my kitchen.

After many, many failed recipes and wasted ingredients, I started to see a pattern about what works and what doesn’t when you’re using alternative ingredients. This website, and later this book, were created to document my discoveries and show others with similar needs that beautiful, nourishing desserts are still within reach. I love offering an alternative approach to crafting desserts which works for all kinds of diets and goals.


Reading is good but sometimes it's just easier to learn new techniques by watching someone demonstrate. That’s why I put together 15 video tutorials that cover all kinds of tips and tricks about the basics of unconventional dessert prep. The videos also allow me to share tips even beyond what I could fit in the book.

You can take a peek as I demonstrate how to assemble a raw cake from start to finish, how to make different kinds of swirl patterns for cakes, other decorating and troubleshooting tips, and tons more, including:

  • How to enjoy the freshest plant milk possible
  • Knowing the tradeoffs between using a food processor or blender to make nut butter
  • How to make any nut flour you want for your recipe base
  • Not getting tripped up by coconut oil's properties
  • Making uniquely decorated flavored chocolates
  • Adding extra depth and dimension to recipes with cacao butter
  • Making instant jam when you don't feel like turning on your stove
  • And so much more!



How quickly you’ll learn depends on how much experience you already have. Take raw cakes for example, if you’ve never made one before and you’re starting out for the first time, there are all kinds of things that can go wrong.

Using the wrong temperature ingredients, choosing the wrong coconut product, not processing your nut base long enough, or even forgetting to seal the bottom of your springform pan can seriously mess with your results. All of these kinds of easy-to-make mistakes are covered in Unconventional Treats, so that instead of having to make ten raw cakes before you learn what to do, your first attempts will be WAY ahead of the game.

If you’ve already got experience with unconventional desserts then you can expect the tips on making your finished product as sophisticated and professional as possible to be achievable right away, within one or two attempts.


To call this a recipe book would be a complete understatement. Unconventional Treats is a guide to teach you everything you need to know from the basics to the fancy finishes for all things sweet but secretly healthy. As a baker myself, I still picked up on tons of new tips and techniques from Audrey’s thorough instructions and explanations. And the videos are extremely helpful, I couldn’t stop watching. The toughest part is choosing which mesmerizing treat to try first!
Audrey’s Unconventional Treats isn’t your usual cookbook. When you dive into it, you feel like you got thrown in the middle of a luxurious treat making class. Because this book doesn’t only revolve around the recipes (which are seriously mind blowing by the way, I have dreams about that chocolate hemp cake). It’s actually more of a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to adapt and create recipes for scrumptious treats of your own making that will fit just about any diet. Thanks to the videos, it is a very hands on experience and all of the techniques turn out to be easier than they might seem at first. Plus there’s the huge recipe starter package :). So basically, Audrey’s book is a key to hundreds and thousands of recipes of your own making adjusted specifically to your needs and wishes.
Unconventional Treats is a book like no other. As if the stunning pictures and amazing sounding recipes weren't enough, Audrey presents a collection of professional, informative and extremely useful videos on topics from lining your pans to working with coconut oil. Although the pictures look like professional creations, everything in this book is easy enough to follow so that anyone can bring out the fancy chef inside them.
Audrey has really done a fantastic job of covering not only the basics, such as how to work with nuts, but also filling her book with a myriad of delectable treats. One of my favorite parts about this book is that every recipe has a photograph. If you're not familiar with Audrey's work, she has a way of bringing out the dreamy side in every recipe through her stellar photography! From the look of the photographs for each recipe, you'd think her recipes were quite involved, but when you go through her book in detail, you'll realize that each recipe is easy to follow and contains clear and basic instructions. I love her ability to take any ingredient and really transform it into an unique treat! Every recipe of Audrey's that I have tried has become a frequent treat in our house. Once you get your hands on her new book, the only problem you'll have is choosing which recipe you want to try first!
I just bought Unconventional Treats and am IN LOVE! I haven't even gotten to the recipes yet and it's already worth the money! Your pictures are stunning and it's jam packed with so many helpful tips. Wow! Fabulous job, Audrey! What a beauty!

So, what are my options?

Your needs and learning style are unique, so I put together some different options to choose from. Check them out below to pick the perfect one for you.


A complete tutorial course on crafting simply awesome desserts with unconventional ingredients


The Pdf Book

400+ pages
13 how-to chapters
150+ recipes
photos of every recipe

Tutorial Videos

15 step-by-step videos covering all practical aspects of alternative dessert prep, plus tons of tips and tricks

Print Friendly Pdf

A black and white version of the book, with all of the large images stripped out so that you can easily print recipes or any part of the book at home


Option 2: UT Basic (Just The PDF Book)

The budget option, with everything you need to know to create amazing desserts delivered in pdf form


Option 3: UT Videos Only Bundle

15 tutorial videos with tips and tricks about the basics of unconventional dessert prep. UT book not included.


I'm more of a print book person, will the print version be out soon?

I wanted to get Unconventional Treats out to the people who have been requesting a book for a long time, and so the digital version was the fastest way to do this. There will be a print book coming out in 2019... however this digital version includes more recipes (I went a bit crazy trying to provide as many options as possible). There is a limit to how many full photo recipes can fit in a print book, so this digital version includes extra recipes.

Is there anything I can take into the kitchen with me or write notes on?

If using a smartphone in the kitchen isn’t your thing, the Deluxe package includes an extra print friendly version of the pdf. It’s 229 pages long, formatted in black & white and has all of the big photos removed so that you can print using less paper and ink. If you only want to print a specific recipe to take into the kitchen, you can just print that page easily….no need to print the whole book out (unless of course you want to!)

I don't have a lot of time for complicated recipes, can I still use this?

Yes, there are lots of recipes in the guide that require just a few ingredients and 5 minutes prep time. As you get more experience you'll get faster too, and I share some good time saving tips in the book which will help you as well.

What if I don't like the book once I buy it?

I'm sure you're going to totally love the book, but if you don't get anything out of it I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee, just send me an email letting me know why you aren't happy with it.

Are there lots of raw recipes included?

Yes, many of the recipes in Unconventional Treats are raw, although there are baked or no-bake treats with some non-raw ingredients included for variety.

What kind of diets are the recipes in the book suitable for?

All the recipes in Unconventional Treats are vegan, paleo-friendly, and free from refined sugar. Nut-free recipes are included for those with nut allergies, and suggestions for substituting for nuts are also included in case you need it.

Are all the recipes in the book published on this website or are there different ones?

There are a good number of recipes exclusive to the book that you can’t find on the website, but I’ve also included blog favorites as well.

What recipes are included in the book?

Check out the table of contents for a list of all the recipes included in Unconventional Treats.

Sounds great, I'm ready to choose!


  • 400+ page pdf
  • 13 How-To chapters
  • 150+ recipes with photos


  • 400+ page pdf
  • 15 tutorial videos
  • Printer friendly version of the pdf

UT Videos Only Bundle

  • 15 tutorial videos
  • Learn by watching
  • UT book not included