Hey, I’m Audrey. Welcome to my blog — Unconventional Baker! I started this blog with the aim of sharing desserts and treats that anyone can enjoy and that are free from many health sensitive ingredients such as gluten, dairy, eggs, and refined sugars, etc. I aim to keep all my recipes as nutritious, simple, and wholesome as possible, and of course absolutely delicious and fun too!

My Recipes

I strive to create unique recipe that are nourishing and that can easily be enjoyed by most, regardless of health or dietary concerns. As such, you’ll find quite a range of recipes to suit various nutritional needs, but the basic common denominator is that ALL of the recipes here are inherently gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and refined sugar-free. Many are also free from oils, nuts, and other allergens.

recipesAs someone who has lived with a serious amount of food sensitivities and dietary restrictions in the past, I know how hard it can be to find good recipes – especially when dealing with multiple health-sensitive foods off the menu. But over the years I’ve learned that no matter what dietary challenges you are facing, there are always plenty of ways to enjoy healthy and wholesome treats!

My other objective is to show that the types of ingredients we are accustomed to using are not meant to be the only alternative out there. Often when talking to others I glean a common pattern — so many of us have been raised with the mentality that without gluten, wheat, milk, sugar, etc., all hope for baking is lost… And although that is how I was raised as well, my experience has proven time and time again that that’s far from reality.

Throughout history cultures all around the world have made foods from so many sources, so many types of flours (including a wide variety of grains, nuts, seeds, plants and roots, and other sources we now consider “unconventional”). There’s absolutely no reason to feel confined to just the one or two strands of wheat we know just because that’s what we’ve been raised with, and certainly there’s no need to write off alternative recipes as inadequate just because someone once tried to sell you cardboard or sand as gluten-free cake ;) .

In my world, the reality is that nature is extremely and wonderfully abundant with so many foods and options that there’s no reason to feel deprived or cornered into using unsavory and low-quality products when there are so many other options out there!

I love playing around with different ingredients (though always aiming to keep things simple so that they are within reach for most). I love recreating alternative versions of classics. I love branching out and creating new and completely unconventional treats. I love to bake. I love to unbake (raw cakes are my passion and you’ll see plenty of them around here). I love variety and freedom in the kitchen. And I love sharing my creations on here so you can enjoy them too.

Why the blog?

I’m a baker by nature (have been ever since I can remember) and I’m known to bake up a storm on a regular basis. In fact, my kitchen pantry is an ever-expanding area that is threatening to take over everything in sight at any given moment! I love experimenting with new ingredients, pairing flavors, and most importantly baking delicious treats for others.

Working my way through a whole host of autoimmune conditions some years back (including gluten and other food intolerances, fibromyalgia, and Raynaud’s, to name a few…), I was suddenly faced with a huge set-back to this creative outlet of mine because all my “know-hows” when it came to baking were suddenly no good. I didn’t want that to deter me from my love for experimenting in the kitchen.

Eating simply and cleanly whenever possible has played a big role in helping my health bounce back, and has helped me to understand and consider the availability of allergy-friendly products out there, and be aware of the unfortunate low standards that many commercially available products have, and the unfortunate state of food in the world in general. So in a way my health has led me to have a personal deeper appreciation of our relationship with the body, with food, and even the planet. And here I am today baking up a storm once again despite many obstacles – this time in a new and improved way and hoping to make ripples! Baking (or unbaking at times :) ) has never been more fun.

I hope my recipes can in turn inspire you to find wholesome and delicious treats that will work for you.

If you’re on a similar journey and thinking about how to start a food blog yourself, definitely check out both that guide and the blogging resources page.

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Happy Baking!

x Audrey